Addicted to Kettlebells

by Marianne  - April 10, 2010

Hi everyone,

This week I have been very lazy with my workouts and my activity in general.  And unfortunately my diet hasn’t been as good.  I have been low on energy for some reason, so I decided to take it easy as my body obviously needed it. I had a few muscle strains from last week and I thought I’d be best to let them resolve rather than over-train. Plus my hours in work were all over the place – so that hasn’t help things either. But I’m feeling much better now, so I was ready for some new exercises today.

The Workout

This workout consists of 6 (said in video 8 by mistake) main Kettlebell exercises in a round, these exercises are repeated 3 times before moving straight into my challenging Tabata Interval session at the end (this time with Kettlebells). The workout started off slow, but then I got really into it and I really enjoyed the Interval at the end.

Again for the Tabata (great for fat loss) I set up my Gymboss Interval Timer for 8 cycles of 10 seconds rest and 20 seconds of MAX effort.

The exercises are as follows:

  1. 2-handed Kettlebell Swings x 40 reps (round 1 – 12kg, rounds 2&3 2x12kg)
  2. Kettlebell Farmers Walk x 20 steps (2x 12kg)
  3. Kettlebell Dive Bomber (8-10 reps)
  4. Double Kettlebell Rows x 12-15 reps
  5. Double Kettlebell Stiff-leg Deadlift x 15 reps
  6. Kettlebell 90 degree Shoulder Press x 12 reps (each side with 12 kg)

Now repeat 2 more times.  Then complete the following exercises Tabata style:

  1. Single-handed Kettlebell Swing (right)
  2. Single-handed Kettlebell Swing (left)
  3. Kettlebell Snatch (right)
  4. Kettlebell Snatch (left)
  5. Kettlebell High-pull (right)
  6. Kettlebell High-pull (left)
  7. Alternating Kettlebell Swing
  8. Double Kettlebell Swing

I was ready to collapse at the end of the Tabata, but I was really pleased to see that my snatches are improving.  Think the high-pulls still need a little bit of work, but I’m getting there which is the main thing.

Hope you enjoy this workout and I’ll be back soon with more.



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  1. Hey that was a good workout!

    My shoulders are really feeling it now, but it’s all good!!

    I’ve only been dong this a month and can really feel a difference, far quicker improvement than i’ve had before. Although I have few workouts that I really like and have repeated, I’ve mostly done a different workout each time. Do you think it’s best to have a few and repeat, so you can easily tell your progress with rep increases or time decreases? Or is variety really the spice of life and keeps you challenged?

    oh yeah I have just ordered my 16kg KB so I am on the up 🙂


    1. Hi Steve, great work! Sounds like you are really progressing! AND you’re getting a 16kg 🙂

      I have yet to repeat one of my workouts LOL And that’s not because I didn’t like them of find them challenging, but I simply don’t have time. Plus I don’t want to waste time repeating a workout for the site that people have already seen. I know people like to compete with themselves to measure improvement, so I probably should re-try some workouts. I know that if I was to return to my very early workouts, my technique and weights have all improved. I look back a cringe a bit at some of my technique LOL, so I could update a few workouts, maybe once a month. LOL listen to me thinking out loud 😉

      Basically I am saying, do what suits you best. Because each time you return to a “set” workout, you can always advance it 🙂 They are, after all, only templates for you to do with what you please 😀 😀 😀

      Cheers and good luck with the 16kg.

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