Steve Cotter Body Weight and Kettlebell Workshop Update

Hi everyone,

What can I say other than, I am busted after that weekend! You think you are fit and well conditioned until you get every part of your body challenged in a whole new way! Steve Cotter is one amazing guy, who is a sea of knowledge and wisdom. I would highly recommend his workshops to you because they have taught me so much and not just about new exercises, but about the elements of my own fitness that need work – mainly flexibility and endurance!

The Body Weight Workshop was full of mobility, flexibility, agility, plyometrics, “animal” exercises and even tumbling (which was scary as hell). We did warm ups like no other and drills that would put my workout combos to shame!

The Kettlebell Workshop was one serious eye-opener for me. My technique needs a lot of work and I was unashamed to be using 8kg and 12kg for the whole day. Despite this, my poor hand still got all cut up 🙁 We re-learned the Single Arm Swing (in a totally different way than I’m used to), the double Clean, the double Jerk and the single Snatch (which is now something I want to practice). The way Steve basically put it was that the Swing, while an excellent exercise, should be used as training for the Clean and Snatch. Once you master the Two-Handed Swing, you should master the Single-Arm Swing and then work towards perfecting the Clean and Snatch which will train ALL of the body!  I have been using the Swing as an exercise to train the Hamstrings, Glutes, Core and Grip, without thinking about the bigger picture.  I still think I will include the Swing because of its horizontal direction and the benefits listed above, but I will utilise the benefits of the more vertical lifts.  I also learned the benefits of Long Cycle training and endurance. There was so much information, it was hard to keep up!

Here’s my dramatic tear LOL! OK so it doesn’t look that bad, but it bloody hurts!! 🙁 War wound!

Basically the experience humbled me and I have gained a whole new perspective on the possibilities of training both the body and the mind! Also, the importance of precision in form – because quite frankly – mine sucked!

Here are some clips from the weekend. Unfortunately I didn’t get that many things because we were all participating in drills and practice and I didn’t want to be rude by stopping to film. But when I had a chance I took the opportunity!

One of the things I missed filming was the Tumbling! This was so much fun. We were all like stunt men rolling down the studio, over obstacles and people. Steve then demonstrated the super-tumbling when he dove over a stick held at shoulder height, landing head first and tumbling out of it! It was pretty impressive 😀

A big shout out and thank you for the guys at Wild Geese Martial Arts in Dublin for hosting this great experience. There’s nothing like a bunch of Irish enthusiasts in one place to make something fun and memorable!

And a huge thank you to Steve Cotter for being so amazing – what a great guy 🙂 I am so glad I went … But you may hate me for it! HA!!

I will be back as soon as I recover with a new workout 😀


PS If you missed my Interview with Steve Cotter then feel free to check it out too.

  • July 18, 2011
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