Daughter Dear (a letter from God)

by Marianne  - August 13, 2020

Daughter Dear,

You used to be so worried about how attractive you looked to others. You were motivated by fear of being "the fat friend" or the "ugly sister" and you spent so much energy comparing yourself to other women to make sure you weren't going to get overlooked by what seemed the most important eyes: those of men. 

You never had a chance to consider that you might have value just by being you.

Fitting a mold seemed to be what would win you acceptance, security, and a good life...

Think of how much time you spent flicking through celebrity magazines in the 1990's, reading about how to look perfect, how to avoid the worst flaws (like fat or cellulite), and how to ultimately be pleasing to the world in appearance and in the bedroom.

It seemed everything you learned was rooted in how you would be good/useful/acceptable to someone else. You learned how to know - and feel responsible for - the needs and feelings of everyone else, while stuffing and ignoring your own.

As time went on, it felt like something deep in your heart was trying to burst out. Power, autonomy, freedom, and a sense of YOUR unique worth as a whole person with a beautiful mind and soul, gifts and dreams....independent of anyone else.

Not just a body and demenour whose purpose was to please everyone and not get in the way.

You know you have a calling for something greater than a superficial human existance.

Now you have a daughter, and suddenly you've been awakened to your own worth, simply by understanding hers.

~ God


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