Chapter 3: I am Successful

by Marianne  - July 30, 2013

The secret to success isn’t previous success – it’s never giving up.

Today I was trying to post a new workout that I did last week, but my technology fails to co-operate – again! However, it gives me the chance to share something special…

I am currently writing a short ebook/email series (I haven’t decided on the final format). For some reason, Chapter 3 was jumping for attention today and I felt I should post it in a blog post instead. I shall write another chapter (or two) to replace it and write a bit more. plus this will give you a small taster of what the book is about.

I’m sharing my heart and soul with you in these short chapters. I want to take my life, which in many ways could have given me failure, to show you the ways I never gave up.  Sometimes, I was extremely close to walking away from life itself because I couldn’t seem to keep myself on track and I was unable to perceive my own worth.  Yet, for some reason, I never did give up.  Do I have everything sussed? Eh, nope. Is that a reason to stay quiet? Eh, NOPE, NOPE, NOPE!!! 

I want today’s post to show you that it’s never about getting or being the best, it’s about making the best of what you’re thrown.

My hope is that what ever you are going through, in trying to reach your goals or overcoming hardship in life, that you see it as a chance to press through and grow. I used to think some people “had it easy” and felt it was unfair that I had to endure so much to get where I am … that was before I was truly aware of the common challenge we ALL face (regardless of how it manifests) – seeing your current situation as a reason to keep going, not an excuse to give up!

And for God’s sake, try to inspire someone else along the way!

Today, I was inspired to post this, and the following song, by my friend, Kimberly Mills (Fit Possibilities)- who happens to be on a very similar journey to me 🙂 Thank you, Kimberly for sharing this with me!

Now for today’s post…. which illustrates that without the journey, winning ain’t so amazing!


Chapter 3 I am Successful  <— Click, Download and keep it for a “stormy” day 🙂




Have an awesome Day!


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  1. I couldn’t agree more. It’s all about perseverance and having the courage to stick to your beliefs when nobody else will. Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. Maybe this is why at times I click on the link to your site marianne… It’s so directed to success.., compteting, getting self-esteem by,…. other-esteem… Be a winner. Being of value to others, so again give yourself more value and agian stand out. Be stronger what meens stronger then… And hey, that doesn’t even resonate with me.. I have let that behind me !! Did I grow or did I lose something ??? I just keep up. There is no need for competition with myself.. too much bus pushing. I have self-esteem I think. I have nothing of that so much what lives in you… I have no stresses. Going along is good enough. There is no ego in it. In sports there is always one no.1. The others are “losers” !!! In daily work there are so much demands on us to keep up to just keep the job. An average job is enough stress.. Around that I just seek relaxing… No top-sport mentality !!

  3. Hi Marianne,
    I loved you number 3 chapter, it gave me some motivation before I my exam. It also reminded me that sometimes we underestimate our ability to survive and get through tough periods. I remember how few years ago a good friend of mine did some really nasty things behind my back and made a lot of rumors. I was so emberassed to show my face at school or even get our of home the next day. I thought my life was ruined, but here I am today , don’t bothering myself to even think about her.
    Sometimes you feel like it’s the end, it can’t be any harder then it allready is and as time pass you get over this and move on. I think it is some kind of a survival mechanism within us, that doesn’t let us quit so fast. After all we are here for a reason, aren’t we?

  4. Thank you for that nice inspiring message. I would enjoy reading Chapter 1 & 2. You have inspired me, you made a connection. I will look forward to you next piece of Art. Thanx Ron

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