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Catch Up Workout | Off to the States!


Hey all,

First of all, thank you all so much for your out-pour of support over my decision to write more about my Christian journey as well as that of my body 🙂

It was a big step for me to take and I was very nervous about telling you, but it was literally bursting out of me.


Today I am giving you a really nice wee workout to try. I didn’t complete it all (because my mum called round for tea) but the 3 rounds I did do were awesome! It’s a pure strength-based workout, so a nice challenge to undertake.


Other news:

  • I am taking a holiday from tomorrow until early October. My boyfriend, Jonathan Fass is arriving from Saudi Arabia (where he works for a Prince, no less) to meet my family for the first time 🙂  Then we are flying to the USA to stay with his family.  After we part ways for another 3 months 🙁 …. I get to go and visit none other than Ms Nia Shanks for 5 days.  As you know, I usually *try* to post something while I am away, but I get maybe 1 post at best.  I just need a wee break 🙂

  • I am still able to take Online Coaching Inquiries, so don’t worry about that. I do have a couple of spaces available – if you are interested, reach out via

  • This week, I met with my web designers …. I am so excited!  They are amazing 😀 The relaunch will most likely happen in the new year AT THE VERY LATEST.  I have high standards, you know 😉 


Now on with the NEW workout!


The Workout  

Superset the following 4 exercises. Rest for 1 – 2 mins between rounds:

1. BB Glute Bridge (I used 70kg): 4×10 –> sub with BW Hip Thrusts

2. Inverted Row: 4×8 –> sub with Single arm or Bent Over Rows

3. Double Military Press (I used 2x16kg): 4×4-6 –> sub with single arm press/ push press

4. Single-Leg Box Squat: 4×6 (each side) –> sub with reverse lunge or Goblet squat


See you in the next couple of weeks 🙂




Barbell, Kettlebell and Body Weight Home Workout!

My family just got bigger 😀


Got me a barbell and plates so I can maximise my strength (and glute) training without travelling ALL THE WAY into the city. It also means I can finally train people to Get Glutes!

HERE is where I got the barbell. And HERE are the plates.

Can’t say how pleased I am with this Barbell – it’s perfect for a home-gym.


After I unpacked all the plates, I was just dying to try them out, so I threw together the following workout just for a bit of fun.  Turned out to be a great wee workout – especially after a day farting about the house. Good to get moving some weight about!



The Workout

I completed the following 4 exercises in a big superset (rounds), but you can set it up as traditional sets or as 2 pairs of supersets (eg: Jeffersons with Presses and Hip Thrusts with Chin-ups):

1) Jefferson Deads: 3 x 4 reps (each side) (58kg, 68kg, 68kg)

2) Hip Thrusts: 3 x 10-15 reps (58kg, 68kg, 68kg)

3) Chin Ups: 3×4-6 reps (I did 4 reps)

4) Double KB Military Press: 3 x 4-8 reps (I did 8 reps in the first set and then 4, 4) (2 x 14kg, then 2x 16kg)


Anyone wondering about the Jefferson Deadlift. Here’s David Dellenave with his awesome tutorial:

BTW – David is pretty much an expert (or just crazy-obsessed) on Deadlifts. So-much-so, that he just released an AMAZING book – Deadlift Off The Floor (not an affiliate link) – if you are a deadlifting fan, or want to be one – get this book!

Home Workout Routine | Five Exercises, Five Rounds


This workout was a little impromptu. I was meant to go to the gym, but time factor wouldn’t allow it and so I came up with a lower-body-heavy workout instead.  It worked out well, since I have had several requests for more workouts 🙂    

I am also gonna re-shoot a lot of my tutorials to make them better since I have learned a lot since I originally filmed them 🙂


The Workout

Complete 3-5 rounds of the following:

1) Jefferson Deadlift x 4-6 reps
2) Single-Leg Box Squat x 8-10 reps
3) Two-Handed KB Swing x 15-20 reps
4) Planche Position Push Ups x 4-6 reps (or sub with normal push-ups)
5) Single-Leg Swiss Ball Leg Curl x 8-12 reps

And curse me forever after the death-curls 😐

For those of you who are not familiar with the Jefferson Deadlift, here is a great tutorial by David Dellanave:

Have a great day!

Lighten the Load | “De-Load” Workout Routine


Hi everyone,

After several weeks of lifting heavy, and a slight flare of my “SI Joint” issues, I thought it would be wise to taper back on the heavy lifting and do some lighter stuff and body weight exercises.  Since I have less than a month until I fly to the USA, I want my SIJ to be in tip top order before those long flights … no way do I want a repeat of last year!!

When we are wanting to reach certain fitness goals we often train without taking any break or any time to step back and just evaluate our progress. And this can sometimes impede our progress because we think we must keep going or we’ll lose it.  It is important to stick to a program, but you also must try to program breaks from time to time.

As someone who has learned just about everything the hard way, I can tell you, that taking a “de-load” week every month or two, may actually do you the world of good.  Since I decided to change things this week and go lighter, I feel amazing 🙂  

Now I better get on with the workout …


The Workout 


The workout is made up of 3 different superset couplets. Complete 3 rounds of each.

Superset 1:

1a) Lateral Lunge (I used 12kg): 3×8 reps

1b) Inverted Row: 3×8-12 reps


Superset 2:

2a) Single-Leg Stability Ball Leg Curl: 3 x 12 reps

2b) Clapping Push-Ups: 3×8-12 reps (I did 10 each round)


Superset 3:

3a) Single-Arm KB Clean (I used 20kg): 3×15 reps

3b) Windmill (I used 14kg): 3×8 reps (start light and stay moderate)


Hope you all enjoy the workout. Let me know how you get on.




Barbell Strength Workout | Lower Body Focus and Conditioning Bonus

Hi everyone,

When my cold lifted, I decided to try a different style of workout. While I focused on the lower body more, I still made sure to create a workout that has me moving in all directions and maintain that balance between muscle groups.

To make it more intense, I dotted conditioning exercises between each strength exercise.  Not only did this change the pace of things, but it made the workout fly by because I was having more fun!

This week, I also got to see some of the photos from my recent photo-shoot…

Thought I’d write about the experience in a new post 🙂  It was an eye-opener! Stay tuned for that!

Anyway, back to today.

The Workout

Complete the following sequence:

1) High Deficit Reverse Lunge: 3×8-12 reps (each leg)

– Bench Jump-Overs: 1×45 secs

2) Barbell RDL: 3×8-12 reps

– Burpees: 1×45 secs

3) Barbell Hip Thrusts: 3×8-12 reps

– Skater Hops: 1×45 secs

4) Seated Band Abduction: 2×15-20 reps

Then I set my Gymboss Interval Timer  for 4 cycles (feel free to do more) of 15 seconds rest and 45 effort. I did 2 rounds of the following circuit:

  •  Two-Handed KB Swing
  • Plank Climber

Workout Complete!

I’ll be back soon, with my Photo-shoot story 🙂


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