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Lighten the Load | “De-Load” Workout Routine


Hi everyone,

After several weeks of lifting heavy, and a slight flare of my “SI Joint” issues, I thought it would be wise to taper back on the heavy lifting and do some lighter stuff and body weight exercises.  Since I have less than a month until I fly to the USA, I want my SIJ to be in tip top order before those long flights … no way do I want a repeat of last year!!

When we are wanting to reach certain fitness goals we often train without taking any break or any time to step back and just evaluate our progress. And this can sometimes impede our progress because we think we must keep going or we’ll lose it.  It is important to stick to a program, but you also must try to program breaks from time to time.

As someone who has learned just about everything the hard way, I can tell you, that taking a “de-load” week every month or two, may actually do you the world of good.  Since I decided to change things this week and go lighter, I feel amazing 🙂  

Now I better get on with the workout …


The Workout 


The workout is made up of 3 different superset couplets. Complete 3 rounds of each.

Superset 1:

1a) Lateral Lunge (I used 12kg): 3×8 reps

1b) Inverted Row: 3×8-12 reps


Superset 2:

2a) Single-Leg Stability Ball Leg Curl: 3 x 12 reps

2b) Clapping Push-Ups: 3×8-12 reps (I did 10 each round)


Superset 3:

3a) Single-Arm KB Clean (I used 20kg): 3×15 reps

3b) Windmill (I used 14kg): 3×8 reps (start light and stay moderate)


Hope you all enjoy the workout. Let me know how you get on.




Barbell Strength Workout | Lower Body Focus and Conditioning Bonus

Hi everyone,

When my cold lifted, I decided to try a different style of workout. While I focused on the lower body more, I still made sure to create a workout that has me moving in all directions and maintain that balance between muscle groups.

To make it more intense, I dotted conditioning exercises between each strength exercise.  Not only did this change the pace of things, but it made the workout fly by because I was having more fun!

This week, I also got to see some of the photos from my recent photo-shoot…

Thought I’d write about the experience in a new post 🙂  It was an eye-opener! Stay tuned for that!

Anyway, back to today.

The Workout

Complete the following sequence:

1) High Deficit Reverse Lunge: 3×8-12 reps (each leg)

– Bench Jump-Overs: 1×45 secs

2) Barbell RDL: 3×8-12 reps

– Burpees: 1×45 secs

3) Barbell Hip Thrusts: 3×8-12 reps

– Skater Hops: 1×45 secs

4) Seated Band Abduction: 2×15-20 reps

Then I set my Gymboss Interval Timer  for 4 cycles (feel free to do more) of 15 seconds rest and 45 effort. I did 2 rounds of the following circuit:

  •  Two-Handed KB Swing
  • Plank Climber

Workout Complete!

I’ll be back soon, with my Photo-shoot story 🙂


Buns, Guns and ABdomination by Rog Law Fitness | Workout Video

Hey everyone,

Today I have another guest workout for you! Roger Lawson has fast become a great friend in the last couple of months and I know you will all instantly fall in love with his energy, enthusiasm and humour! He is also one of the most generous and selfless people I know, so give him a very warm welcome here!

Actually, a few weeks back I set Rog a challenge as part of his “I Must Break You” Series – to complete my Super Variety Kettlebell Workout that I posted here at the end of June. Rog’s attempt can be seen here. It should be noted that they did it totally backward and had intervals of 15 secs effort and 45 rest, instead of the other way around (cheaters! haha). In October, Rog is visiting Ireland for a week and will hanging out with me here in Belfast. So justice will be served, I have challenged him to a rematch … and he graciously accepted! Well, he can hardly come to the myomytv studio and NOT do a workout for you all 😉

Now, I will hand over to Rog and I’ll let him introduce today’s workout: AND CHECK OUT MY STUPID ATTEMPT TO BE COOL AT THE END! LOL – Rog dared me to say swagger … and it flopped 🙁

The Workout (Rated: Advanced)

A1) Explosive Glute Bridge (thrust so hard that the bar leaves your hips) – 1 x 5
A2) Glute Bridge Booty Pump (lockout, drop an inch or two, lock out, repeat) – 1 x 20
A3) Standing Band Hip Thrust – 1 x 30

B1) Rack Assisted 1 Arm Chin Up (the higher your arm on the rack, the more help you’ll get when you pull) – 1 x 3-5 each arm
B2) Eccentric Focused Chin Ups (minimum 5 seconds lowering on each rep; explode up)- 1 x 5-10
B3) Explosive Chin Ups (minimize the lowering; explode up) – 1 x 5-10

C1) Band Glute Rotations – 1 to 2 x 10 each cheek
C2) Push Up Lean/Push Up/Push Back Combo – 2 x 1/3/3
(1 push up lean each arm, 3 push ups & 3 push backs – repeat 2x for one set)

D) Deadlift + Pendlay Row Combo – 2 x 10/5
10 reps on the deadlift, and 5 reps on the row – choosing a heavy enough weight for the row to be a challenge. Return the bar to the floor with each rep.

E1) Kneeling Ab Wheel Rollout – 2 x 8-10
E2) 1 ½ Dumbbell Hammer Curl – 2 x 8-10

F1) Dragon Flag (straight legs = harder; bent knees = easier) – 2 x 3-5
Go down only as far as you can keep a neutral spine – KEEP YOUR BUTT SQUEEZED!
F2) Tire Slams (slam as if you were trying to break the world in half) – 2 x 5

Cheers all,

~ Rog

Find me at:

My Website




Whether you do the whole workout, take ideas from it, or just watch (Rog’s glutes) in amazement you will be entertained!!

It’s refreshing to watch such great energy and form all in one place.

Thanks Rog 😀

See you all soon!

Get Strong, Sexy Curves | Guest Workout by Kellie Davis

Hi all,

I am excited to introduce my friend and colleague, Kellie Davis from MotherFitness and Get Glutes, who has kindly designed and filmed a new workout for you all.  This is actually a very exciting time for Kellie too, as she ventures into doing fitness videos and workouts. I think the more variety and more GOOD quality, exercises, advice and workout designs we are exposed to the better.  And I also think Kellie’s style will compliment my workouts very well for those of you who are looking to spice things up with more Barbell / Dumbbell Strength work – even just to get some fresh ideas. Subscribe to Kellie’s blog, YouTube Channel etc and get all her latest updates.

Welcome Kellie!

It’s an honor to fill in for Marianne, and I have a great workout in store for you.  It requires a barbell with plates, bench or box, kettlebell, and band. If you don’t have a barbell, you can substitute a kettlebell or even bands for the glute bridges. For the landmines: if you don’t have a barbell, kettlebell halos are a good substitute.

MotherFitness Workout

3 x 6-8 American Deadlift

2 x 15-20 Barbell Constant Tension Glute Bridge (meaning your butt doesn’t touch the floor between reps)

3 x 6-8 Single-Arm Kettlebell Split Jerk (I am new to these and it took me about 5 sets to get a filmable one)

2 x 7-10 Crossover Step-Up (1 rep is back and forth. Find a suitable bench height. My bench is a little high)

2 x 15-20 X-Band Walk (15-20 steps right then left)

Landmine 2 x 6-8


·      Perform each exercise alone (no supersets or circuits).

·      Rest 30-90 seconds between each set.

I’m anxious to read your feedback and hope that you enjoy your workout.



Additional Notes from Marianne 🙂

For those of you who are confused about the difference between the Romanian Deadlift and the American Deadlift here is Bret’s instructional video to explain:

The single arm KB Split Jerk is a technically advanced exercise.  You want to drop under the weight rather than push the weight up.  Concentrating on that AND the split catch stance will be a challenge, so for safety reasons pick a light weight that you know you can press with ease (not that you will be pressing it, but a weight that you are confident your shoulder is strong and stable enough to handle).  For an alternative: you can do the standard Single Arm Jerk (normal stance), you could also do Push Presses.

Cross Over Step – Take your time with these and ensure you have warmed up and focused a lot of mobility through the ankle, calves, hip and glutes.  If you experience any knee niggles (or if you have any to begin with), then swap this for a Side to Side Step Up (that I normally do), or Normal Step Up.

If there is anything else you wish to ask, then leave a comment below.  I think Kellie did a great job and I am excited to read your feedback 🙂



Good Day at the Gym | Front Squats, RDLs, Hip Thrusts and Military Press

My cats joined me for sunbathing 😉 lol

Hi everyone,

The weather here this week is unreal! Sun is out, bikini has been aired and time to soak up some rays! But, of course I still find time to train 🙂

From time to time I like to show a little example of my gym training. It generally never varies too much, as I am always just trying to get better at the moves, lift more weight, or spice things up with higher rep work. Yesterday I had a great session training, after a few weeks of the “SI issue” annoying me and affecting the level at which I normally train. It was a little sore during this workout but it was sore all night at work – I knew it wasn’t the workout that was hurting it – so I just got on with it. I feel 10 times better today and have NO pain (thank God)!

After a few warm up sets of the exercises I kept the reps fairly low in everything and focused on maintaining good form.

The Workout

After warm-up sets:

  • Front Squat:  Set 1 – 3: 45kg x 5 reps, Set 4: 50kg x 5 reps, Set 5: 50kg x 3 reps – these were tough!
  • RDL: Sets 1-3: 55kg x 5 – 8 reps, Set 4: 70kg x 5 reps, Set 5: 80kg x 4 reps (still working on my technique here)
  • Glute Bridges: Set 1&2: 90kg x 12 reps (then thought Hip Thrusts would be better)
  • Hip Thrusts: Set 3&4: 60kg x 10 reps, Set 5: 80kg x 8 reps – evil!
  • Military Press (between sets of Hip Thrusts): Set 1: 25kg x 10 reps, Set 2, 27.5kg x 7 reps, Set 3: 30kg x 5 reps (got really tired on these).

Then I slept nearly the whole day … outside in the sun! I was so tired.

Anyway, this was just a quick gym update because I haven’t done one in a while.

Hope you are all having a great week.

I’ll be back soon with more *hint – New Workout* 😉



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