Get Clarity. 

Be Consistent. 

Live Content.

Do you feel overwhelmed and often in "problem solving mode"? 

Do you find it hard to prioritize because everything seems equally important and equally urgent?

Perhaps you have bouts of clarity and action, but it soon fizzles out, leaving you bundled back up in your head, feeling isolated, alone, and far away from any progress, with contentment remaining out of reach.

You just don't know what to focus on!!

You could be struggling to get clarity or consistency on your fitness journey,  in your business, or career/calling, it doesn't matter, it all feels the same... overwhelming, stressful, and a bit hopeless sometimes.

My coaching approach WILL help you unlock the answers, and guide you toward your best next step. I help you get out of your own way, basically, because the more you try to figure out a solution in your own strength, the less clear it will be and the more stuck and stressed you will feel.

If you're familiar with the following verse from Romans 12:2, you may also know the initial sense of peace that comes from reading it:

"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will."

However, what I've found is, while it sounds nice, few of us know how to get to this point. Most of us actually end up trying too hard and attempting to force our way through each decision, or avoiding it all together. 

You get no judgement from me. I get it.

It's all too easy to feel like you're making progress, when actually you may just be spending more time being distracted and in "learning mode". The more you spend learning/researching, the less you spend in action. 

But... action brings clarity. So let's get you into useful, easy, action.

Our biweekly calls last 30-45mins and we begin with where you're at and what can be done to move you forward in terms of getting clarity, being consistent and ultimately, living content. 

Think of the ways you're currently stuck. Chances are, you have noticed a pattern you're "conformed" to. You find moments of inspiration and clarity, but you use up all your excitement in one massive burst, rather than pacing, building in a plan, AND preparing for when that old holding-pattern tries to pull you back in. 

We can create a new pattern, and it'll be one that serves your purpose, rather than hindering it. One that helps transform your life.

If you want someone to really get to the heart of the issues you're facing, get in touch with me today.

Fill in the form below, and I'll be in touch within 1 working day (at most), then we can set up an initial call to see if it's a good fit.

Here's What Other Clients Are Saying:

My failures with working out before have usually come down to the amount of time I have as well as the way my job leaves me exhausted.  I would always have ‘plans’ to do a ‘real’ workout after work, and then I would come home and not follow through.  Then I would feel shame for not following through, stop thinking about doing this kind of workout at all for a long time and then make plans or resolutions again. Your approach has helped me reshape my idea of what a workout could be and given me tools so that I don’t have to put much mental energy into planning it. It doesn’t need to be all or nothing to be good for you.

~ Sheri (EWS Member)

Marianne is an excellent coach and if I could give more than 5 stars I would. I felt that she really listened and understood my goals in all areas of my life. On the physical side of things she created an awesome training plan for me in which I have gotten stronger and am well on my way to hitting all my goals! On the personal side of things Marianne has helped me work through some tough areas in my life and I feel so much happier and satisfied with where I'm at. She is a truly great coach and mentor. Highly recommend!

~ Chrysta (One-to-One)

Clarity & Action Transformative Coaching 

is Perfect for:

  • Finding Your Next Steps
  • Getting into Action 
  • Making Consistent Progress
  • Seeing Things Differently
  • Support Through Change
  • Lifestyle Coaching

$299/mo  for 3 months

(biweekly calls lasting 30-45mins)

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*Coaching rate is $299/mo for at least 3 months, or a single, upfront payment of $747 every 3 months you stay on. Note: many clients have great success with 3 months, but some stay for 6 months. Calls are biweekly and last 30-45mins.

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