Welcome to your Movement Assessment. This post will walk you through it.

To help me understand your needs better, I will use the information I gathered from your Training Application Form AND from the visual information I get your exercise assessment videos to then design workouts that are effective and safe for your current skill and fitness level. In addition, this information provides a record of where you started which can boost motivation when you can’t see your own progress.

This is not an exam, so try not to be nervous.

So what do you need to do?

Using a smart phone camera (or webcam), film short clips (no more than 30 seconds or 5 reps in length) of the following exercises/movement patterns. I have indicated whether I need a Front (f), Side (s) or Back (b) view:

  • Front view is of your entire front including your feet.
  • Side view is BOTH right and left profiles also including your feet.
  • Back view is with the camera facing your back including your entire body – this might be standing, or from the top during a pushup for example (to assess how your scapula glide).

Additional Tips:

  • I need the requested view for both sides.
  • Please ensure GOOD lighting! The best option is light coming from the front. Avoid back-lighting!
  • Edit out anything before and after the actual exercise to save device memory and review time.
  • Have someone help you so they can make sure all of you is in frame.
  • Fitted, non-black clothing is better but no need to go out and buy new clothes for this.
  • Take your time and Have fun! 🙂

The Exercises:

If you are unfamiliar with the exercises or unsure of how the footage should look, then check out the videos below.

  1. Body Weight Overhead Squat (f, s, b) x 5 reps on each view

2. Hip Hinge/BW RDL (f, s, b) x 5 reps on each view

3. Push-up (s, b, f) x 5 seconds (left and right)

4. Forward Lunge: (f, s) x 5 each side

5. Single Arm Row: (s, b) x 5 each side

6. Wild card – an exercise of your choice that you wish to improve on and need some feedback (swing, snatch, chin-ups, bench press, TGU etc).

Where to send the videos?

Glad you asked! There are two most common options:

  1. Dropbox: Create a free account, then create a folder (call it “Movement Interview for *your name*), upload your individual videos there and share the folder with: marianne@www.pullupacademy.com
  2. Youtube: Upload your videos and make them “Unlisted”. Combine them in an unlisted Playlist (for ease of viewing) and send me the playlist link: marianne@www.pullupacademy.com

I will review your videos and then write up some feedback on the video comment area. This will help you better understand where you’re at now which will give you confidence in what to aim for in your fitness.


Seeeeee you soon,

~ Your Coach,



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