Because you’ve taken the time to become part of my community, you get a free full length workout video (that’s 45mins of “us time” 😀 ), and a special PDF that helps take things further; adding a “Taking Stock Exercise” so you can assess your progress from the inside out.

There are two ways to get the most from this gift:

  1. Download this video and save it to watch offline without using up data every time.
  2. Download the accompanying PDF for the workout log and a “Taking Stock Exercise” that helps you begin to see yourself as strong, capable, and of value. Taking Stock of where you’re at each week is a great way to deepen awareness of our strengths, but also so you can begin to see a pattern in the typical inner dialogue that can sabotage this joy.


 FREE “Train Along” Workout Video:


Download your PDF Version and record your scores! (click the image)

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