Do You Wish You Had the Time and Mental Bandwidth to Exercise Like You Want?

Did you know that the Fitness World needs to keep you feeling like you're never doing enough? This keeps you searching for products that promise results. Trainers have also bought into this notion that you need to do certain things perfectly to get results. Everything is results-orientated, and everything is "all or nothing".

Right now, you're a pawn in a big game that is set up against you. You are being swept up in these messages that you need to do things a certain way to see the results you want. The path they have laid is a narrow one, and you'd be forgiven for believing there's something wrong with YOU for not being able to stay on it. That's what they want you to think. So you'll live in a constant cycle of frustration, shame, and desperation. You'll blame yourself and keep coming back to try again.

They rely on two things: making results matter too much, and making it seem that there's a right and wrong way to get those results.

And yet, research shows (I love when research backs me up) that we are more successful when they focus on, and reward, EFFORT over outcome.

Results only seem like the main measure of success because that's what the world we live in still seems to value. Except, results alone will never give you the happiness you're seeking. I believe it's more important to master how to be content during the process. And, as such, my coaching style is more process-orientated, than result-orientated. Your goals still matter, but most people who I work with WANT to find joy along the way, because they're struggling with feeling like they'll never do enough (this is the main sign that a shift needs to happen before you give up on yourself for good).

The Journey Really is the Destination

There are many MANY ways to be fit and healthy. I would argue the best one(s) for you is the one you can and will do consistently, long term.

The challenge is that in order to successfully find that best path for you, you have to refuse to play into their rigged game. The reason it's challenging is because we've all been trained to view ourselves as deficient, and usually in comparison to others who use social media to fan the flames of this false narrative. It can be hard to try a new thing, especially when that "thing" is a less is more approach.

So that's why I do what I do.

It's my job to help those who are ready to be fit and healthy, without all the nonsense and stress. Together, we focus on making your journey as enjoyable as it can be for the life your currently have, and we let that be enough. Because it is.  

The mental bandwidth and time required won't feel like the strain it is right now, because more stuff isn't better, it's worse. The endless "on again, off again" pattern will lose it's hold, and you'll begin to feel freer, more peaceful and content about where you're at, where you're going, and how you're getting there. You'll trust yourself more, and believe in the process.

You'll be the hero of your own story, and make choices that make sense for you.

Being consistent with working out is easy once you define for yourself what "being consistent" and "working out" can mean. You see, these ebb and flow just like life. 

When working with me one-to-one you can expect 100% individualized coaching. NO generic, NO cookie cutter, NO leaving you to figure everything out yourself (unless that's what you want).  You are unique, and you deserve to be treated that way.

Here's What Other Clients Are Saying:

My failures with working out before have usually come down to the amount of time I have as well as the way my job leaves me exhausted.  I would always have ‘plans’ to do a ‘real’ workout after work, and then I would come home and not follow through.  Then I would feel shame for not following through, stop thinking about doing this kind of workout at all for a long time and then make plans or resolutions again. Your approach has helped me reshape my idea of what a workout could be and given me tools so that I don’t have to put much mental energy into planning it. It doesn’t need to be all or nothing to be good for you.

~ Sheri (EWS Member)

I've gained strength, I've noticed an improvement in my body's shape and she helped me achieve my first pull-up at 42! Most importantly I enjoy my workouts because she listens to me and designs workouts that fit my lifestyle.

~ Claudia (One-to-One)

Coach Marianne has been training me for over three years. She took a banged up 50 yr old and made him feel younger and more confident. She is also a genuine, caring person, and a true asset to the fitness industry.

~ Chris (One-to-One with Calls)

One-to-One Online Coaching

One-to-One Online Coaching really is the best option if you find it tough to get the right mix of training for your lifestyle. Not only can you get the coach you want (rather than whoever's local), but compared to in-person training, you pay a fraction of the price.

No matter your time zone or schedule, I am here to support you with as much or as little as you need. But no matter what, you'll get the same commitment from me to do my part to help you achieve your goals. With detailed exercise demonstrations, email or phone support, and your very own custom fitness program. Whether you are looking for a workout plan only, or you'd like a bit more accountability support to stay on track, I'm ready!  Simply indicate what you need in the form below.

Your training programs will meet you where you're at NOW and continue to be tailored to each stage along the way.

The 3 Month Reset

(Fitness Coaching)

Includes the following:

  • Workouts for 3 months to suit YOUR life
  • Office Hours Email Support
  •  Access to Client Training Portal
  • Rewards: 25% off my LIVE Classes
  • Add-on: Baseline Movement Evaluation ($99)
  • Add-on: Form Checks ($10/exercise)

$249/mo or $599 for 3 months

(3 months is best, but you're not tied in)

The Hero's Journey

(Mindset Coaching)

Perfect for:

  • Finding Your Next Steps
  • Getting into Action on Something
  • Making Consistent Progress
  • Seeing Things Differently
  • Support Through Change
  • Lifestyle Coaching


(biweekly calls lasting 45mins)

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*Coaching rate is $299/mo for at least 3 months, or a single, upfront payment of $747 every 3 months you stay on. Note: many clients have great success with 3 months, but some stay for 6 months. Calls are biweekly and last 30-45mins.

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