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Full Body Kettlebell and BodyWeight Exercise Routine (HIIT Style)

Hi everyone!

Next, here is a Podcast interview I did for “Half Size Me” – I really am honoured to speak to people about my journey and fitness – especially if it even helps one person feel better about themselves!

Speaking of talking about stuff, are there any questions you would like me to answer on a video Q&A session? I could take 3 – 5 questions (about training, diet or what ever really) and answer them on a video every once in a while. I know I answer most questions here, but I could file these in the FAQ section. Just a thought 🙂 Let me know, I’m all ears!

The Workout

Today’s workout consisted of 4 Triplets (Supersets). I performed 3 rounds of all but Triplet 3 (though I admit I could have just lowered the weight, but I was too tired).

I set my Gymboss Interval Timer for 9 cycles (6 for Triplet 3) of 15 seconds rest and 45 seconds effort. I took 1 min between each Triplet to have extra recovery.

This was a fun workout because I enjoyed the variety and a few exercises that I haven’t done much of lately. It’s also good to be gradually increasing the single leg exercises again 🙂

Here are the exercises along with the weights I used and reps I performed:

Triplet 1

  1. Tactical Reverse Lunge (16kg) (20, 18, 19)
  2. Two-Handed KB Swing (20kg) (30, 31, 31)
  3. Diagonal Knee Tuck (no need to count)

Triplet 2

  1. Single Leg Romanian Deadlift (left) (16kg then 2okg) (15, 13, 14)
  2. Same on right leg (16, 14, 14)
  3. Renegade Row (2x16kg) (17, 16, 16) – these were tough today!

Triplet 3

  1. Push Press (right) (16kg) (12, 10)
  2. PP (left) (16kg) (13, 10)
  3. Alternating Swing (20kg) (28, 29)

Triplet 4

  1. Skater Hops (14, 16, 16)
  2. Hip Thrusts (20, 18, 19) – tried not to touch the floor until I was finish (constant tension HT)
  3. Burpees (12, 11, 8 )

That’s it for today. I hope you all enjoy the workout.

Later in the week I will be doing another workout, but it’s for a friend’s site. But I will post the link here for you to get to it 🙂



PS – Hip Mobility Video is also close to getting done!! 🙂

Lucky Dip Kettlebell Circuit Routine | HIIT Training Workout

Hi everyone,

Today I have a real treat of a variety workout for you.  It’s a Lucky Dip Kettlebell (and body weight) Circuit Routine! It may only be 18 minutes of HIIT Training, but there are also 18 or so different exercises to keep the fun times flowing 😀

Before I get on to explaining the workout, I just wanted to touch very briefly on what I was talking about the other day … “Amend Your Mind, Not Your Body“.   Since I realised the error of my thinking, I have felt so much better about things! I have been enjoying going into the gym and refocusing on my performance goals, rather than my fat loss goal.  It has caused a great sense of calm about things again and I feel relieved that I am not putting that pressure on  myself to be any happier than I am today 😀 I thought for a while there I was stuck again in that obsessive thinking and constant tracking – I’m freeeeeeeeeee !

Now for something else that ties in with what I have just re-realised 😉  My good friend Nia Shanks (from Beautiful Badass) has just released an awesome product – actually, I’d call it a comprehensive Training Resource.

The “Lift Like a Girl Guide” is:

the Ultimate Resource to Lift Like a Girl & Look Absolutely Awesome with Simple, No Nonsense Strength Training and Nutrition information. The Guide gives YOU the power and control to create workout programs and eating patterns that work for YOU. You’ll get all the tools you need to design customized training programs based on your training experience level, personal goals, equipment, and preferences.”

Now, I am not one for just selling you stuff willy nilly; I will only recommend the highest quality products and I am so proud of Nia because I personally know (from several rescheduled Skype chats), that she worked her southern butt off on this.  The cool thing about it is that it’s a VIDEO product and you get to learn by visual slides and have Nia explaining it all too.  Anyway, I recommend following the link above or by clicking on the photo below to take you straight to the Introduction page, which explains it more. Plus there’s 40% off until this Sunday (30th Sept 2012).

Last night I sat and listened to a portion of this jam-packed series and I can’t wait to listen to the rest and check out all the additional PDFs that come with it.  You actually won’t need to ask me any training or diet questions ever again LOL, because Nia has provided so much information for trainees at all levels (including programs).

Definitely worth checking out.

The Workout

I wrote out a bunch of exercises onto cut-outs of paper, rolled them up and then picked 6 exercises at random.  I then had to perform the exercises IN THE ORDER they were picked :/ eek!  I repeated this process until there were no rolled up bits of paper left.

Basically, I set my Gymboss Interval Timer for 6 cycles of 15 seconds rest and 45 effort. I performed the first 6 exercises, then stopped to chose the next 6 etc. My workout looked like this:

Round 1

  1. Renegade Row (2x16kg) x 19 reps
  2. Vertical Pull Burpee (20kg) x 9.5 reps
  3. Thruster (Right) (14kg) x 15 reps
  4. Thruster (Left) (14kg) x 14 reps
  5. Two-Jump Burpees x 8 reps
  6. Tactical Reverse Lunges (16kg) x 18 reps

Round 2

  1. Side to Side Step Over x 44 reps
  2. Staggered Push Ups x 16 reps
  3. Roundabout Swing (20kg) x about 29 reps??
  4. Push Press (right) (14kg) x 15 reps
  5. Push Press (left) (14kg) x 17 reps
  6. Divebombers (eeek) x 8 reps 🙁

Round 3

  1. Side Lunge (right) (12kg) x 14 reps
  2. Side Lunge (left) (12kg) x 12 reps
  3. Jungle Gym Inverted Row x 13 reps
  4. Goblet Squat (20kg) x 17 reps
  5. Alternating KB Swing (20kg) x 29 reps
  6. Skater Jumps (or my version LOL) x 16 reps – I have the WORST balance haha!

There you have it! I LOVED this workout 😀 And I can’t wait to do something like this again – maybe using dice, or a pack of cards – I have a few cool ideas already.

I am NOT going to slog my way through workouts for the sole purpose of burning fat – I want to improve my performance and have more fun workouts like this!

Who’s with me?  Could this be an idea for an October 31 Day Pledge? Maybe we could end the month with a Halloween fancy dress workout LOL!  AND Rog Lawson will be over visiting me that week, so I am sure he will know exactly how to make the workout more fun!

Have a great day!



MAX Conditioning Circuit | Home Kettlebell Workout

Over the past few weeks I have been less motivated to train at home and I have needed a change of scenery away from my house’s four walls, so I have been training in the gym more and even doing Intervals again on my beloved Stair Master (oh how I missed you so). The reason I love the Stair Master for HIIT is that I can get a good sprint in, without flaring up my SI Joint (which happens following normal running). I love to sprint, and used to be very good at it in school, but alas, it seems it no longer agrees with my body! Come to think of it, maybe it never did, because back in School I suffered hip, knee and back pain during my athletics years; I just didn’t know how to adjust my training around my aches back then, so I quit! Not any longer! When I feel I need a break from one form of training, I can change to something else for a while.

Anyway, I decided to keep today’s workout simple (layout-wise), but challenging in all other ways! For those of you who are used to several workouts a week, I hope you will forgive me as I produce a little less for a while. I will however, try my best to bring you other information, the odd challenge, and hopefully the occasional Gym-Based Training Video to keep you informed and entertained 😀

The Workout

Aim to complete 3 rounds of the following 10 exercises. Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 10 cycles of 20 seconds recovery and 45 seconds effort and take a longer rest between rounds (until you feel ready to recommence). With a little extra recovery time, your form will stay stronger during more reps. My reps per exercise and weights used are in brackets below.

  1. Double KB Front Squat (2x16kg) (10, 8, 7 ) – Remember you can do Single KB Front Squats from the Rack, or Goblet Hold position.
  2. Two Sumo Squat Jump into Burpee (14, 12, 11)
  3. Double KB Single-Leg Deadlifts (left) (2x16kg) (12, 12, 11) – You can also use 1 KB for this.
  4. Right Leg (14, 12, 12)
  5. Renegade Row (2x16kg)  (17, 17, 18 ) – You can do Bent Over Row with 1 or 2 KBs.
  6. Push Press (right) (16kg) (12, 11, 11)
  7. Push Press (left) (16kg) (13, 12, 11)
  8. Two-Handed KB Swing (24kg) (29, 30, 29)
  9. Knee to Elbow Plank (hold for interval)
  10. Vertical Pull/”Swing” Burpee (first round I used 24kg, then back to 20kg for next 2 rounds) (7, 10, 9) – Amazing what difference 4kg makes!

So that’s today’s torture over. I really enjoyed that workout because there was plenty of variety and each round actually seemed to go in quite quickly; the “hatred” didn’t seem to last as long, so the love came quicker 😉 It’s all about that Love/Hate balance!

Now for this week’s Strength Endurance Challenge (as per Jen Sinkler’s evil schedule) – Click HERE.  Back squats, body weight on the barbell, max reps below parallel!  I’m doing this tomorrow and hoping to do a little better in this than with my Front Squat 😛

Hope you enjoy the workout and let me know if you’re taking part in the Back Squat Challenge.



Home Body Weight Conditioning Workout + Tabata

Hey everyone,

For a change I have added new activities to my weekly training. Some of it is for fun and relaxation, but also to work on my flexibility, co-ordination and agility.

Last Tuesday night I began Salsa lessons for example. Dancing is something I have always wanted to do and I was impressed with how much I enjoyed it. I always thought I had two left feet, but I was a little better that expected. However that was just after the basics, so we will see how I get on with more complicated moves LOL! Then, on Saturday I went to a Capoeira class. I was very nervous about this class because I knew it would challenge my balance, co-ordination, flexibility and agility. I found that this type of training was both challenging and very fun! For the last 2 days, my quads and upper back muscles have been rather sore with DOMS lol, just from the bodyweight Capoeira. This shows how much bodyweight exercises can challenge you in a totally different way.

Because of my DOMS, and because I wish to train heavy tomorrow, today I decided to design a workout with mostly body weight exercises. For the Tabata at the end, I used a Kettlebell for swings. However you can always swap this exercise with another body weight one if you prefer.

The Workout

Today’s workout is comprised mostly of body weight exercises, mixing set reps and set times. Complete 3 rounds of the 6 exercises in the first section and then finish with the Tabata below.  For the timed exercises, I set my Gymboss Interval Timer for one interval of 45 seconds. Feel free to adjust this time according to your fitness/energy levels. I have suggested a rep range for the other exercises. My reps per exercises are in brackets were I was able to keep track:

  1. Burpees x 45 secs (16, 15, 15 )
  2. Single-Leg Hip Thrusts (left) x 12 – 15 reps
  3. Single-Leg Hip Thrusts (right) x 12 – 15 reps
  4. Jump Rope x 45 secs
  5. Pull Ups x 5
  6. Side to Side Step Ups x 45 secs (47, 45, 46)

For the Tabata below, set you Gymboss Interval Timer for 8 cycles of 10 seconds rest and 20 seconds MAX effort. I used 20kg for my Swings.

Complete 4 rounds of the following:

  1. Two-Handed Swing
  2. Dynamic Squats

That’s it for today. I know it’s a little lighter paced than usual, but every so often we need to deload and take things a little slower. I really enjoyed the change of pace, but I am ready to up my game again for the next workout. I hope you all enjoy this one too 🙂



Do You Work Hard to Play Hard? Full Body Workout!

Hello all,

I am super excited to introduce the workout that Melissa (original and I did today. After a few days of eating rubbish and drinking a little too much wine, we found it extra hard to workout, but we felt amazing after!

Melissa is such an amazing person. I realise that is an easy thing to say, but this women has dedicated her life to her family and is now about to embark on a whole new chapter in her life and her training, which is really exciting for her and I am so happy for her!

Melissa, your family is a credit to you and I thank you for your hospitality and kindness towards me and I hope my crude Irish humour hasn’t rubbed off on you too much … but I think we get each other 😉

For the purpose of the end clip in the video below, I need to explain what we are actually talking about:

For my close friends and family, they already know my sense of humour often resides in the gutter and toilet, so the following photo was simply irresistible to me. But, you need to know a little about why it all came together.

Study the following picture:

  • In the UK and Ireland “Fanny” = Anterior female body part, south of the navel.
  • “Pucci”, although not pronounced the same, looks like it might also be the name of the same body part.
  • In the top left of the photo (the little tiny red/brown sign), says “Nce Pucci Way” …
  • COME ON, how is that NOT a joke in the making!!!

When I explained the meaning to Melissa, she thought it was hilarious because apparently “Fanny” is US for your butt! Which I find odd because aren’t Fanny-Packs worn on the front??? Anyway, that’s another joke for another day …

The Workout

We decided to do a couplet workout, because we both love them and it meant we would each get to showcase our awesome workout design skills in a fairer way. Melissa designed the first 2 couplets, I designed the last 2.  Each couplet lasts 6 minutes and in all but the 3rd Couplet there are 3 rounds of the exercises. In the 3rd couplet I was being awkward and obsessive about Stand-Kneel-Stands and needed a 3rd slot for them, so there are 2 rounds.

We set the Gymboss Interval Timer for 6 cycles of 20 seconds recovery and 40 seconds effort. We really did put everything we had into this today and boy did I notice a big difference! Even the KBs feel heavier!! But that’s obviously because they’re American 😉 LOL

Try not to get confused by the video, as we did work opposite each other due to lack of equipment.


Reps and weights are recorded reluctantly below. Melissa’s are in Red.

Couplet 1

  1. Jump Rope (we didn’t count)
  2. Super Push Ups (10, 8.5, 8 ) (10, 10, 10)

Couplet 2

  1. Kettlebell Goblet Squat (16kg) (22, 17, 15) (12kg) (12, 11, 11)
  2. Kettlebell Alternating Clean and Press (16kg then 12kg) (5, 6, 6) (12kg) (6, 6, 6)

Couplet 3

  1. Renegade Row (2 x 12kg for both of us) (16, 18 ) (15, 15)
  2. Stand-Kneel-Stand (left) (16kg) (12, 11) (2 x 8kg) (11, 13)
  3. Stand-Kneel-Stand (right) (12, 11) (11.5, 14)

Couplet 4

  1. Two-Handed / Alternating KB Swing (20kg) (27, 27, 24) (12kg) (26, 26, 26)
  2. Dynamic Squats (35, 30, 3o) (29, 29, 29)

This was a great experience and an amazing workout, one that I recommend you try. Even if I had a list of excuses the length of my arm, I still put my all into it and there should be no excuses for not at least trying your best at that given moment.

Both Melissa and I hope you will give this workout a go as Melissa’s butt is already sore only 12 hours later 😉

I want to thank Melissa for helping to design and for taking part in a myomytv workout. Plus, she has shown me Chicago, which is the BEST!!

I will leave you with a beautiful picture of the Windy City.


Marianne and Melissa

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