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Updates and a 20kg Kettlebell Complex | Home Fitness Workout Videos

Hi everyone,

Before I get on to describing the workout for today I have something to share.  We all have our sources of inspiration and role-models in different areas of life.  For me, I try to live by the standards and wisdom set out by my mum.  A while ago, fellow GGS Alli McKee wrote a post called “Girls Gone Strong; it’s a movement and a mindset“. This post compiled a super-inspiring collection of quotations from people on their reasons for following Girls Gone Strong, or describing a GGS in their life that they respected and admired.  My caption was the following:

“A vessel of inner strength, she is my example of how to live. She listens, she supports, she never judges and she always has faith. She is strong when I am not. She, is my mum!”

The reason I chose to write about my mum is because I would not be the person I am today, if it was not for her support along the way.  Of course I am different to my mum in many ways, but she has instilled in me the best of what she stands for; things such as honesty, kindness, patience (a work in progress), tolerance, faith, love, the ability to think calmly, ask questions, be modest (although I think this is an Irish trait) and be forgiving.  As you can see, I have a lot to be grateful for, but above all of this, she is my role-model for inner strength!

My mum happens to have a gift for writing (among other things), so a few weeks ago I offered to help her set up her very own blog so she could begin sharing her gift and wisdom with the world.  If any of you wish to check it out and see what a wonderful mother I am blessed with 🙂 Then her blog is “Airing Wisdom” at

Now for another training update. Yesterday I did an upper body routine of Wide-Grip Pull-Ups (which I never do), Bench Press, Seated Cable Rows and Weighted Dips.

  • First of all, I managed 4 sets of 5 Pull Ups (which I didn’t think I could do) followed by 2 final sets of Chin-Ups (8 and 6).
  • Next we did Bench Press (5 total work sets): Set 1 40kg x 5 reps, Set 2 45kg x 5 reps, Set 3 45kg x 5 reps, Sets 4&5 30kg x 12 reps
  • Seated Cable Rows (3 sets): Set 1 49kg x 8 reps, Sets 2&3 40kg x 8 – 10 reps
  • Weighted Dips (3 total work sets): Set 1 10kg x 5 reps, Set 2 12.5kg x 5 reps, set 3 10kg x 5 reps

Here’s the video:

Now for today’s Workout

Last week I posted a Double Kettlebell Complex workout with 16kg Kettlebells. This week I went a step further and progressed to the 20kg KBs for the workout. There is only one double KB exercise, but I did progress the snatches to the 20kg for the first time!

Anyway, I did three rounds of the following 5 exercises with set reps:

  1. Double KB Front Squat x 5 reps (2 x 20kg)
  2. KB Snatch (right and left) x 5 reps (20kg) – if the snatch is too difficult, then swap for Push Press 🙂
  3. Clapping Push Ups x 6 reps (could’ve tried for 10, but just do as many as you can or switch to normal Push Ups)
  4. Pull Ups x 5 reps
  5. Single Arm Swing (right and left) (20kg) x 10 reps

You can set your Gymboss Interval Timer on the Stop-watch and time it, but I didn’t bother; I just went with how I felt. And since I was tired, I just stuck with 3 rounds.

Also feel free to adjust the reps to a safe range for YOU 🙂

That’s about it for today. Have a great workout everyone, and let me know how you get on!



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