Shifting Sands: Where things are going.

For the last several years, I’ve sensed a slow shifting of sands in my life. Like there was a gentle re-focusing happening. It often felt like I’d lost a sense of myself as I moved away from the limelight I’d occupied in the fitness world. Now I see I was actually gaining a sense of my truer self.

These past months, I’ve mainly avoided posting much here, or on social media, even though I knew I should (since I am trying to run an online business). I think deep down I knew I just didn’t have much to say anymore, and I couldn’t force myself to say stuff just for the sake of getting attention. I have to want to say it because I think it’s important or valuable to others. Perhaps I was also a bit afraid of what I wanted to share. It just didn’t fit with the usual fitness stuff, and I hadn’t quite figured out how to own that voice yet.

Here’s what I do need to say:

Myomytv as you’ve know her has lived out as much of her life as she can, and it’s time to move things along.

I think I’ve avoided making that decision because I have such fond memories of “the good old days” here, and with everything feeling so unsure since leaving home, I needed to cling to the notion I would one day get back to what I always did. But, my focus has changed, and I must start living for the bigger picture again.

Especially since there’s a brand new person to live for…

Jonathan and I are expecting a baby girl in March 2018 😀 😀 😀

I can’t quite believe that I am typing these words here. Sharing this news with you fills me with so much emotion since I have shared so many of my life events, struggles, and many a rant here since 2010. It’s sad to know this chapter – the myomytv chapter – is winding down.

However, there is a new, exciting chapter about to begin. Not just with the baby, but with Myomy Coaching, and my writing. In other words, I’ll still be about, just in a new, or more defined, role (and new location for some of it).

It all doesn’t quite fit here anymore, so I hope that you will stick around to explore the next chapter with me.

You might be wondering how things might be changing, so let me start to outline that picture:

What about coaching? 

I am going to continue to offer fitness coaching services (soon this site will change to reflect the more defined options): Online (one to one), in-person (one-to-one), and BEST of all: Online Group Coaching.

The Pull-Up Academy being one group, but the second group will deliver more of what you’d expect from myomytv: all new monthly programs with Myomytv-style kettlebell and body weight workouts. Just think, you’ll have a supply of workouts to do either as your actual program, or to complement another program you follow. You’ll also be part of a coaching group so you still get a load of interaction from me every week in the group along with making strides in your fitness goals and consistency.

I’ll keep you posted on the latter group, but if you are interested in getting your first unassisted pull-up, The Pull-Up Academy is about to enroll for the second time from September 18th-22nd. It’s an 18-week, full body program, with workouts very much like Myomy strength workouts (so you can do them at home or the gym). Plus you have me there to guide and coach you through your best path to get that elusive pull-up! Please note, it could be another year before we enroll again (what with the timing of the baby’s birth), so if you missed it last time, don’t miss it this time!

What about blogging?

Well, the location for that will change. I already have a place for that, but right now I am fleshing out some content before I begin to share it with everyone. It’s my vision that it will become a source of inspiration, encouragement, and hope when you need it. I can’t wait to share this with you <3

In addition to the writing, I will also be rolling out life/faith-based coaching services in the new location. After completing my life coaching certificate earlier this year, I am now studying theology through Princeton Theological Seminary, so I will be able to combine these to be of better service to those who might be struggling to reconcile big questions in their spiritual life, or simply figure out a direction for their work, their purpose, or how to take steps to be healthier and fitter for their life.

Who knows how things will evolve. My plans are one thing, but God’s never cease to amaze me with His. I’m excited to share more about how all of this came to be.

Will there be any new workout videos?

There may be some, but not like before. Meaning there will be workout videos for the groups. Every workout will have videos, PDFs, and then a live Q&A to help participants get the most from applying the training. Occasionally I may release a special series like I have in the past with the Wee 3 Workouts, but as you can see now, my focus has shifted away from the workout videos of the past.


PHEW! This all feels like such a weight off my chest! It’s like I just didn’t have the words before now to share how things are about to change.

Rest assured, the content here will remain. I’m not taking all my old workouts away. I hope to tidy up the site a bit, and you may see some new branding and a different look, but all your old favourites will still be available for free.

There was a time when I expected a single linear path through life, especially work-life. What I have come to cherish is how many possibilities there are if only you’ll listen for them.

Finally, for anyone reading who feels some kind of call on their life that they currently think is impossible. Remember that God doesn’t called the equipped, He equips the called.

All you gotta do is say YES and take the first step.

Chat soon, all 🙂


  • September 14, 2017

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