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About 6 months ago, I got myself a voice coach 🙂

I have always loved singing. I have also always been told I’m good at it. One of my dreams has been to learn how to get the most out of my voice, but it’s only been this last year (since my friend Leigh Peele and my husband really started encouraging me to sing more) that I’ve finally gotten over my imposter syndrome (because I feared that I wasn’t as good as they said) and embarked on a journey to grow my voice.

However, there’s an important first step. If I want to know which parts of my voice need the most training, and I also want to be able to objectively measure my progress, I kinda have to know where I’m starting from, right?

Part of the initial stage is establishing my voice’s baseline so that I can have a voice program tailored to my unique range, and to better target the parts of my voice/technique that need strengthening. My coach calls this a Vocal Interview and Voice Assessment to create my unique Vocal Profile. In other words, if I want to get to Point B, I need to know where Point A is in relation to it.

My voice’s Point A (I did promise you’d hear me sing):

If I can Dream (scroll down for another):



Where am I going with this?

This is exactly the same kind of system I use for new clients. There’s an interview (questions about experience and what kind of things have been achieved before), and then there is a Movement Assessment so we can both understand your baseline (or Point A) which helps me build a Fitness Program to match where you are currently at. You can’t ever know when you arrive at Point B if you don’t know what Point A is.

When I got my Vocal Profile from my voice coach, I was blown away by what I found out about my voice that I never realised. Not only did I gain an understanding of areas to be worked on, but I got to hear exactly how GOOD I am now and how much BETTER I can realistically get with the right coaching, time, and my commitment.

Over the years, I have assessed hundreds of people doing exercises and it amazes me when people don’t realise their Fitness potential. As it is my desire that you get to experience this same feeling about your current movement/strength/fitness profile. I am rolling out Free Fitness Profiles. Basically, you’re going to receive the same Movement Assessment that I include in my one-to-one Training packages along with ONE “Wild Card” exercise which you can choose (maybe your Deadlift or KB Snatch needs help?).

This offer is available for only 25 people over the course of next week (from Monday May 16th – ending May 28th). Yes, it is my hope that you will apply for Myomy Coaching with me, but there is no obligation to. Just having this information may help you:

  1. See how to better meet your own needs.
  2. Give you a new perspective on your current awesomeness.
  3. Understand a current plateau better.
  4. Get a taste of what my Online Coaching Service is really like 🙂

Let me reassure you that I won’t try to give you a sales pitch; that’s not my style. I believe that the value of my coaching speaks for itself and putting you on the spot is not a very comfortable position for either of us.

So what will be involved?

Using the scheduler below, carefully choose a date and time that will represent when I review your submitted questionnaire, exercise readiness forms, and videos. It’s not a call (that can come later should you wish to book a free follow-up). In order for me to assess the volume of videos, I have planned out the week to make the time for each submission. After I review your material you will get a “Fitness Profile” pdf which will give my feedback on each exercise, highlight how I think you should prioritise/refine your goals (if you have many), and my expert recommendation for kind of training (and timeframe) that may work well for you. And help you with your Wild Card exercise.

Please note: You will be required to film 8 standard assessment exercises and 1 wild card exercise, then upload them to dropbox or youtube before the date you choose below, so make sure you have an idea of how quickly you can get that all done (if you are late, I won’t be able to review your material and all the spaces may be taken). Full instructions of the exercises and where to send the videos will be given after you complete the booking and initial assessment questionnaire.

If you are interested in One-to-One coaching with me, I have a couple of spaces becoming available and am accepting applications. Head over HERE to apply.

Looking forward to helping you understand your baseline and potential better 🙂

Hit play and list to me sing Arms of an Angel as you fill in your forms:

~ Marianne


  • May 10, 2016

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