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Fat Melting Tabata Trilogy

Hi everyone, This morning I got up early and went to the gym. I did some leg weights, abs, and some pull ups. To supplement this resistance training, I thought I would add in a short but intensive Tabata Trilogy – meaning 3 tabata’s in a row!!! That’s right 3 in a row lol There […]

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  • June 7, 2010

Body Beautiful Sweat Bath

Hi everyone, I am so glad to be back! What a long week in work, but I am now off on holiday for the next 9 days, so I will be dedicating more time to coming up with more new workouts. I want to remind you that I do these workouts in conjunction with other […]

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  • June 6, 2010

Summer Body Blitz

Hi everyone, The weather is beautiful here, it must be 26 degrees, so I wanted to make the most of it. Just a short post today, but a great full body workout, mainly cardio. Don’t mind the milk bottles (my legs LOL)! This workout consists of 2 rounds of 8 exercises. It’s interval training, so […]

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  • May 22, 2010

Sexy Summer Mix – Legs and Abs

Hi everyone, Right, today’s workout is in 3 sections. The first section is resistance-based and it’s focusing on legs. There are 6 exercises and I’ll repeat them once before moving on. The second section also has 6 exercises and they too will be repeated once. This second section focuses on abs and core. The third […]

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  • April 18, 2010

Ultimate Leg Sculpting Combination Workout

Hi everyone, Thought I’d attack legs today. I’m determined to get my legs into great shape for the summer, so I’m proud to wear shorts 🙂 Using resistance, single leg and plyometric exercises it’s possible to challenge those muscles from all angles. Not only is it more fun to vary exercises like this, but it’s […]

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  • April 1, 2010