If My Kettlebell Could Talk |18 Minute Interval Workout

My last two updates have discussed more heavy and perhaps difficult subjects: My journey back from depression, and a different look at the fitness goals we set our sights on and my personal realisation about my own decisions. Click the links to check them out. Today I’m going back to the roots of myomytv with […]

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  • February 29, 2016

Out of the Mud; On to a Rock.

Being married has taught me so much about myself and I love ^ this man more than I did when this photo was taken two years ago.  Over the last few months I have spent time doing some simple things that I enjoy: singing, lightly exercising, connecting with family and friends, and finally letting go […]

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  • January 14, 2016

Stuck in the Mud | A Journey Starts Here

The pretteh Kitteh above is Sunny, the youngest of our fur-babies 🙂 Hello World! I am writing this mainly to help me get going again (simply by doing *something*), and possibly to maybe help someone who can identify with what I am saying. For months now I have felt “stuck” in a sinking mud made of fears; the […]

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  • November 2, 2015

Walkin’ the Walk with Kettlebells

This week I made sure I didn’t go to the gym on the same day I filmed a workout… instead, I filmed only enough to show what the workout would look like as I couldn’t quite perform it like I wanted.  It’s quite amazing how some days you are perfectly fine and on other days […]

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  • May 15, 2015
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