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What I Believe

The online world can be so impersonal, overwhelming, and fake. You go on to look for inspiration, ideas, and clarity, but end up feeling worse about yourself the more you see. Rather than be inspired, you can end up feeling envy, and being more dissatisfied about where you're at now.  All these outside influences can easily warp your expectations, and very often they dictate what "being fit" looks like. You end up chasing someone else's definition of fitness. Is it any wonder so many of us feel so dissatisfied?

When I first started MyomyFitness I did so because I believed that just being real about fitness and life could help others see possibility in themselves. Being transparent about it all puts a voice to the struggles we all face which threaten our ability to take action toward our goals. Actually,  the shame we often feel about our weaknesses can cause us to hide our true selves all the more. That's why I'll often share when it's hard to be consistent with my training or health habits, or when I have chronic pain, or when I become depressed, or the new fitness challenges through pregnancy. Sure, I also want to look amazing all year every year, and get all the likes and followers, but I now know that contentment lies in neither. It lies in being brave enough to BE REAL no matter what. I believe this can start with asking  BETTER questions.

How will you know when you are living as your true FIT-SELF? 

Coaching Options & Programs

MyomyStudio Membership

Join our awesome family and get a whole year's worth of new kettlebell and body weight workouts with no pressure to "do it all". Then attend our monthly live Q&A's when I answer all your fitness questions. Not sure if it's right? Try for free.

The Pull-Up Academy

Pull-ups rank as one of the most desired fitness goals. Unfortunately, they also rank as one of the most frustrating. Take my 18 week full body training course to master the often forgotten skills, and make this year THE year!

What Clients Have to Say


I just want you to know that you are the best coach EVER. Honestly, I have been keen to work with you since I discovered myomytv and you have not let me down at all. The workouts, as per your usual standard, are fun, challenging and brilliantly guided. Even as slack as I have been, I’ve made amazing progress and I will absolutely get to the pull up before too long.

~ Heidi (Pull-Up Academy Group)


I hired Marianne to help me prepare for the SFG Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor Certification. She provided me with a fun training plan and helped me get focused. I saw huge improvements in my form, gained a lot of strength and improved my body composition. Marianne provided instructional videos, and adjusted my program to fit my lifestyle as a flight attendant who doesn't always have access to the equipment I need for my training. It was nice to not have to be alone on my fitness journey and to know that Marianne was always just an e-mail away (and still is) if I have any questions. 

~ Katherine (One-to-One Coaching)

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