5 Reasons You Should Join Our FREE 6-Week Workout Ideas & Inspiration Email Series

  • Convenience. You get a weekly email containing 3 workouts, and training tips so you don't need to go sifting through our archives of over 300 workouts for ideas. This will give you focused ideas and inspiration to maintain your momentum, even if you only do 1 or 2 of them. 
  • We prioritize your success. Not by "doing it all perfectly", or even by "doing it all". Instead we focus on what you can and will do to increase your chances of being successful. Having weekly prompts will help with this.
  • Workouts come ready-to-start TODAY with both written breakdowns and video to show you how the workouts look. Many exercises can be modified or substituted, and Marianne is on hand to help (all you need to do is hit reply to any email she sends).
  • You join our community of strong and capable fitness enthusiasts, who are people from all around the world. We share the goal of being consistent, however imperfectly. Each week inside our Facebook community, you can stay connected with others doing the same workouts. Better together, right?
  • See your wins. Download and print our 6-week workout planner to plan and/or track your efforts. A really great way to stay consistent is to place a tick on the days you did a workout, and noting which workout you did. 

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